Any other ideas?

Any other ideas?



Recognise enterprises irrespective of their legal form including social, not-for-profit-enterprises

Update legislation for cleaner and easier secondary market equity transactions.

The system lacks transparency and needs to be open to be innovative.

Support local micro-financing institutions including credit cooperatives and credit unions - CAR

1. More resources to the ecosystem (the 1 percent) I would lobby that at least 1% of the Pillar 2 of the Pension Fund of Romania, administrated by private companies, to be directed towards innovative startups. More research can be done over the implementation, fund of funds, shares in a public financial vehicle that would coordinate investments and micro-investments. 2. Building a trajectory for the ecosystem (the 20 percent) Romania could remain open to anything, or could focus on something. Some places in the world are hotspots for fintech, some are for food start-ups, some for cyber, some for energy or transportation. Imagine, focusing only 20% into something, and 80% into the rest, would specialize and diversify in the same time. 3. Build a fearless cultur People are afraid of things they don’t understand. When I opened my first investment account in Belgium, I had to pass with 80% success a test on my understanding of finance and risk. The study material was introduced in

Reform the public grants system to target the most promising enterprises - including social enterprises

More exposure on social networks and youtube

Nation wide mentorship programs and train the mentors programs

e Health Innovators - Digital health innovations hold enormous potential to provide effective, efficient, economical, and scalable chronic health care

Promote on a large scale, in Romania, the advantages of involvement in startups for as many social categories as possible, not only for young graduates of higher education.

Promote blockchain technology amongst masses

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